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What the Students say...

What the Parents say...

Graham and Julie Burrows

"Inspired all three children to excel"

"We thoroughly recommend Elena Cornes as a piano teacher. Piano lessons with her are always enjoyable - our children love playing the music she chooses. Her passion and charisma have inspired all three children to excel beyond our expectations both in their exams and in the Eastbourne Music Festival each year."
Graham & Julie Burrows.

Farida Owasil "Music scholarships"

Elena Cornes has been teaching my two children Ashraf and Salwa piano since 2009. In these years both my children and I have been very pleased with their excellent progress. They have gained music scholarships at their present schools through Elena's high standard of teaching . Elena is a very professional and dedicated teacher who brings the best out of her students regardless of their abilities. Both my children also enjoy taking part in the Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival and have won many prizes. I would highly recommend Elena as a piano teacher."

Farida Owasil

Andrew Worrell

"Unflagging patience, commitment and professionalism"

Hailsham Piano Lessons

"Elena has taught two of my children for nine years with unflagging patience, commitment and professionalism. They have both achieved high grades, gained experience in public performance and think of Elena as part of the family. Her love for music and the piano is infectious and we owe a great debt of thanks to her as the teaching Jake and Katie have received has helped them in both academic work and in giving them invaluable life skills. My two younger children are both looking forward to following in their siblings’ footsteps."
Andrew Worrell

Helen and Robert Kirby "Gently relentless in seeking to get the best"

"We really cannot too highly commend the teaching of Mrs Elena Cornes. She has taught our daughters for a period of eight and a half years so we speak from experience.

Her tuition is characterised by dedication, effort, attention to detail and teaching each pupil as an individual. She is always friendly and approachable but gently relentless in seeking to get the best from all those learning with her, taking trouble to tailor techniques and material to maintain interest.

The annual concerts that Elena organises are a delight! This lady is a real musician whose aim is to make her students into artists as well as successful exam candidates."

Helen and Robert Kirby

Julian and Hilary Dale "Just the right balance of fun and strictness"

"Elena has been teaching our youngest daughter Annabelle for five years now and we are delighted with the progress she has made. Elena is a warm and natural teacher with Just the right balance of fun and strictness; Annabelle adores her and the lessons are always punctuated with laughter as well as serious concentration. To see all of Elena's students performing in one of her concerts or in the Eastbourne festival is to appreciate just how gifted Elena is and the confidence that she imbues in her pupils. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been recommended her by a friend and we would unhesitatingly recommend her to others."

 Julian and Hilary Dale.

Jim and Shirley Burke

"Your teacher is everything"

Isabella Congui

"I love piano too much to ever stop playing"

Piano Teacher Eastbourne

"Elena started teaching me the piano when I was 5 years old. 12 years later, I am 17 and preparing for my final grade 8 exam. It’s been a road paved with determination and resilience. Playing the piano has been such an integral part of my life and I have Elena to thank for that.

It’s not easy to find a brilliant piano teacher but it’s even harder to find a teacher who is able to inspire their students like Elena. Each student has a type of music that they like best, whether it be classical, jazz or contemporary. As Elena allowed me to play the type of music I liked best, it helped me to truly enjoy playing the piano.

The love that Elena has for her piano is infectious and I now share the same feeling. I love the piano too much to ever stop playing it and it is something I wish as many people as possible can experience" Isabella.

Rhiannon Kirby "Your pupils are truly blessed"

Piano Lessons Polegate

"To Elena - Thank you so much for the past few years of your outstanding teaching. You have shown me how black dots on a piece of paper can convey such a range of emotions in which such feelings can mean so much to so many people.

I have learned how music can sink into your fingers and make it’s way to your heart and this is something truly special. It takes someone talented to be able to teach people the notes placed in front of them, but to be able to teach and express through music takes someone truly amazing. I believe that you are such a teacher.

Until you taught me I don’t think I appreciated how talented you are, not only as a pianist but also as a teacher. Thus, I feel a very privileged student to be able to claim that I had a teacher who inspired, taught and uncovered a dusty love for music that I knew I had and just made it shine.

Therefore I cannot thank you enough and I can honestly say that every one of your pupils are truly blessed to be taught by you.

Once again thank you!"

Love Rhiannon

Grace Burke "Having gone through 8 Piano Grades with Elena"

Eastbourne Piano Teacher

"Elena started teaching me the piano when I was 10 years old. From that very first lesson, Elena showed me how to enjoy music and taught me the expertise to master pieces I never imagined I could. Expressing emotion through music is always at the heart of Elena's teaching and she always encouraged me to play the music that I enjoyed most. 12 years after my first piano lesson, I am now a Primary School Teacher in London and enjoying influencing the children I teach with my love of music.

Elena instilled a confidence in me that I never thought I had through opportunities for different types of performance. Having gone through the 8 grades with Elena by my side as well as performing and competing in the Eastbourne Music & Arts Festival over the years, I can honestly say that I feel so lucky to have been taught by such a special and talented person.

Elena- thank you for being such an inspirational person in my life and thank you for teaching me to play such a wonderful instrument, which has allowed me to bring so much joy to my family and friends when I play for them. You are not just a piano teacher, you are a friend and I am very grateful that you are still such a big part in my life" Grace Burke.

Aryaman Verma "Fun, enjoyable and truly inspirational"

Eastbourne Piano Teacher

"Soon after my 5th Birthday I began piano lessons with Elena. 10 years on and I have taken part in concerts, festivals and exams with her help and guidance.

Playing piano has built my confidence and is a huge part of my life. Elena is an incredible piano teacher who allows me to express myself through pieces that I choose to play.

I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and cannot thank Elena enough for all her support over the years" Elysia Monro.

Elysia Monro "Playing Piano has built my confidence"

"Since I was young I always wanted to play piano and its is so great that my Parents found Elena to be my Teacher. Elena is always open to listening to my requests or suggestions and shapes her lessons to the type of music I like.

So far I have been playing the piano for 10 years and have been mesmerised by the heightened feelings that piano playing can bring. I have learned so much about myself.

Elena pushes her students to their limits and allows them to flourish, all through the journey from absolute beginner to Grade 8.

As one of her long standing students I think of Elena more like an Aunty than my Teacher. I would fully recommend her as her lessons are fun, enjoyable and truly inspirational. Aryaman Verma"

Eastbourne Piano Lessons
Eastbourne Piano Lessons

"Elena has been teaching piano to our daughter since she was 10 years old on a journey from absolute beginner all the way through to Grade 8. 


We believe the saying ‘Your teacher is everything’.  Elena allows students to choose the music that they would like to play and she is very good at selecting pieces that suit the student’s style of play along with the set exam pieces.


Our daughter always looks forward to her lessons with Elena and has aspirations to teach the piano like her, in the future.    There is no doubt that Elena’s teaching, enthusiasm and encouragement has enabled her to achieve her dream so far."


Jim and Shirley Burke

Pevensey Piano Teacher
Piano Lessons Eastbourne

Maria Andrade "Elena goes beyond her duty"

The first thing you notice about Elena is her passion for what she does. The second is her knowledge and skill. Her energy, enthusiasm, kindness, make her lessons friendly and inspiring, and she complements them with a perfect balance of patience, firmness and encouragement. 

Elena goes beyond her duty; she is supportive and involved, she is always present for exams, festival appearances, and she organises concerts so the students experience public performance and build up their confidence and musical skills.

She obviously takes pride in her students and their achievements and invests time and effort so they fulfil their potential and their dreams.

My two children absolutely love having her as a teacher and always look forward to their lesson. Through Elena’s tutoring and Music education they are becoming confident and assertive and developing important life skills.

Kind regards, 

Maria Andrade

Stephanie Barden "I couldn't wish for a better teacher"

Eastbourne Piano Teacher

Elena has taught me from the age of 9 all the way up to 17, and I can honestly say I couldn't wish for a better teacher! Her style of teaching is extremely effective, which is why her students usually come first in music festivals and competitions. Elena is almost like a best friend; we had a very special connection that you would not feel with any ordinary teacher.
There is never any pressure with Elena teaching, as she always makes sure you progress at your own pace, as well as encouraging and pushing you forwards to work to the best of your abilities. From Elena's teaching, I am now able to immediately play almost any song I like, through memory or reading music. She is truly amazing and talented, and will definitely pass her skills on to you. Elena will always be a very special part of my life. Stephanie Barden.

Jake Worrell "Without her teaching I wouldn’t have become the person I am today"

Elena has been a brilliant teacher and role-model for me growing up. She has taught me so much over the years both as a pianist and how to be a disciplined musician.

Without her teaching I wouldn’t have become the person I am today, wanting to make a career for myself in the music industry.

Every student Elena has taught has not only received a new skill but a new friend and family member. – Jake Worrell

Katie Worrell

"She made even the hardest parts of piano playing a joy"

Elena has been in my life as both a friend and a teacher since I was four years old. I was a student of hers for eight years, throughout which she was patient, kind and made even the hardest parts of piano playing a joy. She has given me skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life as well as some wonderful memories.  Katie Worrell 


Ekaterina Lindley 

"She is the complete opposite of the stereotypically dull piano teacher"

I have now been learning piano with Elena for 5 years, every year has been enjoyable, fulfilling and brought it’s own achievements. Not only have these years taught me to play piano skilfully but they have also helped me in growing my character, with annual festivals and concerts as well as piano exams in both theory and playing itself. This has to be put down to my teacher, Elena, as she is not like most piano teachers. She puts enormous amounts of energy into each lesson and is also comfortable to be around, especially for someone as shy as I am. She is the complete opposite of the stereotypically dull piano teacher. So I don’t only  think that I got lucky in terms of a very good piano teacher, but also in finding a hobby that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Ekaterina Lindley.


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