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Terms of Business



Tuition Fees for Piano Lessons


My fees are:


£30 for a 45 minutes lesson.


£40 for a 60 minutes (one hour) lesson.

One hour piano lessons are optional for any student but a requirement for all students preparing for Grade 6 and above.


Payment is for 5 piano lessons in advance by online bank transfer or cheque due on the first lesson of each group of five upon receipt of my invoice.


I do not accept payments on a lesson by lesson basis.


I supply all music books or sheet music downloaded from the internet, that your child will need and the cost of these will be added to your invoices, at retail price plus an admin fee of £1 per book.

I organise Piano and Music Theory exams for my students. In addition to the fee charged by the examination board I charge a fee of £5 per pupil per exam.


I organise concerts for my pupils. The costs of the concert including hire of the theatre will be added together and divided equally between each family booked to attend. The cost per family (no limit to number of guests) in Summer 2017 was £30.


Piano Lesson Cancellations


Your child's piano lesson space is reserved exclusively for him/her and to fit in with my teaching schedule.


If you cancel your child's lesson during term time for any reason including illness and emergency the lesson fee is charged as if the lesson had taken place.


Due to my full teaching schedule it is usually not possible to move a lesson time in which case the lesson will be treated as a cancellation.


Due to my full teaching schedule it is not possible to offer an alternative lesson to replace a cancellation.


If I cancel a lesson due to illness or emergency this lesson will not be charged and I will offer you an alternative if possible.


I encourage students to have piano lessons during school holidays but this is optional.


The above cancellation terms apply to lessons booked during school holidays

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